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T. L. Bailey


T. L. Bailey  is an American author, best known for her work in fantasy and horror. Readers who enjoy fantasy will find the author enthralling. The journey from pen to paper is one of resilience and determination, and her story is one readers won’t want to put down. 
T.L. Bailey plunges the reader right into that abyss with the characters. From the author’s masterful use and manipulation of language, the reader will find the chaos in her novels engaging, but easy to follow. In simpler terms, be prepared to suffer right alongside the characters.


Her first and second novels won 5  and 4  gold stars in Literary Titan Book Awards Contest.
She also was a finalist in a Global book contest for Book Excellence Awards in fantasy for The Dark Age Chronicles Eve of Darkness.
T. L. Bailey moved to North Carolina from the mountains of West Virginia in 1993 with her husband and now resides there working as a hairdresser. She is still dreaming of writing and  making it big. She has a son now and enjoys telling him stories....

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