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"I don't like babysitting spoiled Santorian female brats. I had to do it for centuries. Now my curse is at an end. I am almost free. Funny, since I met Eve all I seem to do is wish to prolong my curse even further."

Full Name



Argo(given to him by his sister)


Mother Albina

Father  Pinerius


Human/Santorian guardian/Immortal


 Guide the Santorian female born of the mark




6' 4

Hair Color

Ash blond

Eye Color

Intense blue

Significant Other

At one time anything wearing a skirt, now because of his curse, no one.

Worst Enemy


Fave Pastime

Eating field mice or rabbits

Mode of Transportation


Weapon of Choice

talons or beak

Character Profile

"I was a man once, revered by all who knew me. Men wanted to be me and women wanted me. Life was simple. Until one day the fates intervened and I met a woman, bedded her, and left her.

Who knew she was unstable and would kill herself. Better that, she was apparently a "chosen one" of an ancient people that protected mankind. The elders of her tribe found me and decided my fate. I was to be cursed.

Not just any old curse, no, they cursed me into a falcon's form. The only way i can be seen in my human form is when I am summoned by the next "Chosen One".

It gets better. Wait for it.

In my human form I am not corporeal : having no material body or form. like that of a ghost.

Yep, I can't even get laid.

Those bastards might as well have castrated me.

Better yet, they expect me to play nice. I might have to play the game but I won't play by their rules.

Remember that because I'm about to be fluent in two languages: Sarcasm  and Swearing."

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