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Azoreans; Origin of birth unknown

a person either born in power or direct descendant.

Mostly have a strong hate for people without powers and Santorians, due to the several wars between the two races.

Powers are physical;

  • The touch of fear

  • Able to conjure the storm

  • Able to will lowly animals to their bidding

  • The power of Necromancy

Yet with all those powers they were unable to beat back their enemies, the Santorians. The battle raged on over centuries over who would rule the world. Their numbers grew smaller, even with the help of their creation, the warrior of darkness. Then when all looked lost a boy child was born to them, carrying a special mark on his palm. They sensed great darkness and power in the child as he grew. The tide had turned for them, for they knew within the child lay their victory.

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