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"Everyone is taught that angels have wings-only the unlucky ones find out we have tails."

Full Name



Sly one, Cold One


Angel of Death


At one time to punish the wicked/Now he wants immortals to gain power


6' 8

Hair Color

Blond, but usually mixed with blue

Eye Color




Worst Enemy


Tattoos / Scars

Has a scar on shoulder where Michael's sword slashed him eons ago.

Fave Pastime

killing humans and immortals

Mode of Transportation


Weapon of Choice

His tail

Other Facts

He was present at the Blood Pact ritual.

"It is said that when God wanted to punish the wicked he often sent a certain angel. That angel was me... the Angel of Death.

I was extremely effective at my job.

I  was so in obtrusive about my work that few of my fellow Archangels could be said to have known me.

Following the Fall, I was given the Word of Death to carry out my duties (angelic Words were much less competitive and assigned with less deliberation in those days).

In my research, I learned how to track human souls.

I also discovered that many souls were tainted -- mostly pagan worshipers and humans who were selfless. But God said they were redeemable.

But I also began a secret project.

I started taking lives without God's orders. I found it enjoyable.

I  had discovered that many souls were anchoring themselves to the corporeal plane as ghosts, or to the ethereal plane as immortals.

I found I could use them to supply Essence to my powers. But it changed my form...I lost my wings, turned ice blue, and grew a tail.

God found me out.

This revelation appalled Heaven's angels.

So I was cast out from Heaven . . . but never stopped serving my purpose.

Then God sent Michael

to banish me to a nether-realm on the celestial plane. Bound in a cocoon of ice.

Where I would stay forever....

Unless some fool lets me out."

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