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Character Profile

"We stand and fight. Not for ourselves, but for Eve. Nothing is going to touch her without going through me . . . You demon bastards better run."


Full Name

Edgar Zachary Taylor{denounced it when Cat died} Now is known as Black Bailey




Mother Sarah Taylor

Father  Jacob Taylor




Protect Cat's child with his last breath.




5' 7

Hair Color

Dark brown almost black but in sunlight can see hint of red

Eye Color


Significant Other


Worst Enemy


Fave Pastime

Drinking whatever he can get

Mode of Transportation

The Black Death

Weapon of Choice


"I was the fiercest pirate to ever sail the seven seas. Men feared to mention my name lest it summon me. But to the women who knew me, I was a playful seducer. I enjoyed thwarting the authorities, drinking ale, and sailing the high seas.

That is, until she came into my life. Beautiful, mysterious, and pregnant.

She needed my help and the aid of my ship.

I gave  her both.

By the end of her term I was smitten, hell my whole crew was in love with her.

She needed a midwife so we stopped off of a port in Virginia. I knew people there. My brother and his wife owned a tavern and I knew she would be safe until the babe was born.

Fate is never that simple.

I was wrong.

Those damn  three bitches called  the fates screwed me. I lost everything that day.

Or so I thought.

Now, it seems those bitches

want to screw with  me and  Cat's child, Eve.

I refuse to believe this is my fate.

To watch her die.

The Fates were still mocking me.

But  they don't know me to well.

Take from me this time and even the devil  will  laugh when he looks around hell and  sees you three there."


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