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Cambridge Manor is not a character but because the place holds much character I decided to add it. Randall had it commissioned by one of the greatest architects in Spain Alonso Cano (1601-1667)
First royal architect, painter to Philip IV - the "Spanish Michelangelo".
The manor also  had woods, orchards, gardens, and  a lake  where fish could be found. On the manor lands, usually near the village, one could often find a mill, bakery, and blacksmith. He had it designed in a Greek fashion, more to shock and upset the villagers, but mostly because of the Azoreans wanted to keep Eve captive. The manor never held any comfort for Eve, only coldness and the images of the statues of stone always seemed to be watching her, judging her.  Cambridge Manor is impressively built with great detail and the marble stone walls high to hold off an attack.

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