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Full Name



half bred


Wyvern/Dragon/ half princess


Protecting the sacred books of the Wyverns/keeper of the word

Hair Color

Dark Brown with auburn

Eye Color

Silver, blue, red, green, gold


Plump and sensuous.

Significant Other


Best Friend


Worst Enemy



blind at birth because of her birth defect in her eyes, Mouse found a rare set of spectacles in a cave and brought them back to the fountain. After dipping them in it gave Keara the ability to see when they are on.

She is blind without them.

"Most young dragons my age deal with problems in their everyday life, but not like mine. I am a princess, but I am not acknowledged as one. My father broke our most sacred laws.

We don't mix our colors. Red, blue, green, orange, gold dragons stay in their own circles. My father, the king, thought of himself above the rules. So, I was cursed at birth with the "sight". Blind but can see.

I  am the last of the family line.  My father only produced female dragons.

No dragon will even look at me let alone propose mating.

In my case, it means I have to stay here and can only live in my human form.

My sister, Mouse has declared me the official Keeper of the Word. Because of this no one can kill me or banish me.

I love the library, it has so many books and I love to read and learn about all kids of things.

You get what I mean?

I love books. Huge book reader.

I think I am the only one.

At least I don’t think anyone out there does, but if you do let me know."

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