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"I fear  no man or beast for I am the baddest thing ever created you will ever meet in the land."

Full Name



I wouldn't

Mother  no

Father  no




Was to destroy all Santorian females, now he protects the last


heightened speed, strength, hearing, sound


6' 4

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark almost black unless mad or feeding, than they are red

Significant Other


Worst Enemy


Fave Pastime

Staying away from humans

Mode of Transportation

Speed running

Weapon of Choice

Claws or fangs

Character Profile

"I was born to kill. Literally. My birthright is to destroy all the female Santorians. I was  made for the Azoreans, the darkest forces that crawled out of the rocks that they hid under.

As a destroyer, I don’t have the right to be near the chosen.  She is irresistible.. I tell myself it is to protect her.  But mostly, I  can't stay away from her.  I know I have to leave her alone and unprotected some day

 At the end of the day  just can't. I need her. Knowing that doesn’t stop the pain, nor does it help me fight the darkness inside me that is trying to take me over. Every day  I am with her is one more step closer to a destiny I don’t want.

A destiny I can’t avoid.

But it doesn’t stop me from trying. I can’t give in.

Not this time.

If I do....

She dies......

and the world  belongs to Nyx."

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