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"I didn't invent the art of war. I perfected it. Without my plan the Azoreans would have been defeated long ago."


Randal Cambridge


Master, Lord




Executioner of the Santorean female Eve


5' 6

Hair Color

Black when young now grey(balding on top)

Eye Color

Grey with specks of brown

Significant Other


Worst Enemy

Black Bailey

Fave Pastime

No time

Mode of Transportation

He owns three ships, his own personal carriage and driver

Weapon of Choice

He commands servants to kill for him

Character Profile

"I was the first Azorean to ever turn into a Alcheon. I used my slight powers to glimpse where Catalina was and used a scheme that would forever set me in the history of all Azoreans. With the help of other members I located the pregnant Cat and had a hired hand stab her, fully aware that the Blood Pact would protect the unborn child. After getting rid of the pirate scum that was protecting her, I had a pregnant Azorean woman sacrificed, and her baby as well. Without anyone knowing they switched the babies, just in time for the pirate to return and mourn the loss of Cat and her baby. But my scheme didn't end there. I raised the baby as my granddaughter, showing only hate and cruelty, trying to break her spirit. Because of what I did, Nyx has promised me immortality when the Blood Pact is complete and Eve is sacrificed on her birthday.

After selling my soul for wealth and a small amount of powers, my age and health are now my concerns. Immortality sounded good to me. Because of my hard work and plans, nothing could go wrong in his mind.

The child I had been saddled down with would soon be dead, and Nyx would inherit the world as his own, and I soon will get what I deserve."

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