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"I'm the good twin. Oh wait, no I'm not, that would be Rowan. See, I could care less if you live or die."


Full Name




Mother  unknown

Father  unknown




Protect his brother




6' 1

Hair Color

Ash blonde

Eye Color


Significant Other


Worst Enemy

His mouth

Fave Pastime

Staying away from annoying people

Mode of Transportation

about anything

Weapon of Choice


Character Profile

"I was abandoned just hours after my birth.  I grew up as an orphan in a small cloistered monastery/orphanage in  New York. 

As a young teen, I ran away from the abusive treatment of the nuns.  I lived in alleys, stole for food, learned how to manipulate people in order to eat.  I awoke one morning to find a  sword beside me, and knew it belonged to me. I started to learn howto use it.

Thrust into fights with no training, I quickly learned that the sword  had an unholy gift of never breaking. .

I kept to  myself, never needing anything or anyone in my life, except the occasional harlot. I was content....

until the day he walked into my life.

My brother.

My twin.

Rowan, he  appeared and offered me a new cause to fight for.

Search for our mother.

I quickly learned who and what he really was . . .ANNOYING.

I hope we find our parents soon...

or else I am going to be an only child."

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