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"If we're in a situation where I am the "Hero," then we are in a really, really bad situation."

Full Name

Rowan Burgess


Cas(brother calls him)


Eleanor Burgess


Elias Burgess




Protect his brother from himself/Help Eve save world/Find their mother


6' 1

Hair Color

Ash Blonde

Eye Color


Significant Other


Worst Enemy


Fave Pastime


Mode of Transportation

Where ever his brother leads

Weapon of Choice

His intelligence and wits

"I was born five minutes after my  twin brother Roman. We were abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage. I, however, did not share my brother's fate. I was adopted by Elias and Eleanor Burgess who had inherited  their wealth and couldn't have their own children to spoil. I grew up a privileged  life and learned to play the piano, lyre, the mandolin. I could read and write as well as anyone. I soon wanted to be a scholar, so my father sent me to the best of schools. I even got to study under  some ancient monks for a time, but my curiosity in the unknown and the paranormal got me into trouble. I was banished, but not before I took something with me. The Codex; a book that lists spells and demons.

My father was not pleased and in the heat of an argument revealed to me that not only was I adopted, but I had a brother out there. Angry at their refusal to adopt my sibling too, I went out in search for him. When I found him it wasn't the reunion I had planned. He hates me. I can understand why. He grew up with nothing while I had everything.

Only I know the pain Roman carries and why my brother has refused to be around other people without dropping his guard.

One day, I hope my brother  can find the peace that has eluded him all these years. I hope one day to prove to him my love and loyalty. I owe it to him."

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