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Santorian;Origin of birth unknown

"Are opposites to Azoreans." Indeed, they have invented great bases for the world to evolve on, such as philosophy and peace. And it would be great for their mental powers if peace could exist and get over the war with Azoreans. The humans tend to be welcoming, caring and know how to live without powers. Like every civilization, there are issues, such as the Azoreans aggressive attitude. We cannot stand by and watch. There will be no peace.


  • Telepathy

  • Shield barrier

  • Premonitions

  • Touch of sight against fear


Mankind had a savior, they were Santorians, and they opposed the might and will of the Azoreans. As time went on the bloodlines were fewer on both sides until each side was blessed with a child whom carried powers more vast then their own. Later, to protect the slaughtering of innocent blood on both sides two elders on both sides joined forces and created The Blood Pact. It robbed all Santorians and Azorians of their powers and only special babies born with a mark held the true power of both races. A babe born with a mark couldn't be harmed until it's nineteenth birthday when the Blood Pact would be fulfilled.

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