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Full Name

The Erinyes


The Furies
Main Sisters

Tisiphone (Blond avenger of murder), Megaera ( Red haired the jealous) and Alecto (Raven haired constant anger)


Goddess/Immortal Ones


Make sure things are following the laws of nature, bring justice to people who committed crimes




Uranus, the ancient god of the sky, and Gaea, or mother Earth,

Best Friend


Worst Enemy


THE ERINYES (Furies) were three goddesses of vengeance and retribution who punished men for crimes against the natural order. They were particularly concerned with homicide, unfilial conduct, offenses against the gods, and perjury. A victim seeking justice could call down the curse of the Erinys upon the criminal.

The Erinyes live in Erebus and are more ancient than any of the Olympian deities.

The furies have the power to "clean up" messes that the Gods have created and other magical creatures. It is said that they restore the balance of humanity.

The Furies are described looking like hags. As they were said to have snakes in their hair and wrapped around their arms, they are often symbolically associated with snakes.

But since any man who saw them was driven mad, their appearance is well unknown. Some say they are so beautiful men fall hopelessly enslaved. They torment the wicked. Furthermore, they are associated with blood, as it was said to drip from their eyes.

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