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Full Name



Dark One, Evil One, Master


Azorean/Alcheon harbinger of death/ Necromancer


Bringer of Destruction


6' 3

Hair Color

Black as night

Eye Color




Significant Other

he loves himself


Azorean high leaders raised him after birth to be the best weapon against Santorians.

Best Friend

has only followers

Worst Enemy

Lycaon(He fears) Black(He should fear) Eve(Her powers are not fully mastered)

Fave Pastime

Killing humans

Mode of Transportation

Spells, Incantations

Weapon of Choice

His touch

Character Profile

"I are Darkness.

I am Shadow.

I am Ruler of the Night.

I, alone, stand beside the demons who would seek mankind and destroy this world.

I am Azorean's victor.

The Soulless Keeper of the dead.

The humans know me. They fear me. I am death to all those who  are powerless.  I prey upon the humans.

Neither Human, nor  Santorian will stop me from inheriting my destiny. I exist beyond the realm of the Living, beyond the realm of the Dead.

I am a Necromancer.

My powers are eternal."

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