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Character Profile

Full Name

Yvette Bronte


Queen Badass by the other Azoreans




Winning the war/ watching over the last Santorian


5' 5

Hair Color

Dark Brown almost black

Eye Color




Best Friend

Why, Eve of course

Worst Enemy


Fave Pastime

Looking at herself in mirror

Mode of Transportation

Whatever money will buy

Weapon of Choice

I'm a lady, I sit back and watch the fight.

"I am a woman of many mysteries and with a past so deadly. I have a lot of issues with the older men of the Alcheon… and the laws of my people which have relegated me to the position of watching over the last Santorian. No matter what , I am not going to live my life in a box. I have my own mind and I am not afraid to use it.

I rose to become one of the richest, most respected women in the New World and married into a noble lineage that can trace its heritage back beyond the royal families. (it’s been speculated I  might have been a collaborator in my husbands untimely death). With my grit and determination, I survived the starving times, disease, and more battles combined. No doubt it’s why I'm credited with having the skills that introduced and built a legacy for the Azoreans. And to think, as audacious, beautiful, and influential as I am I had to arrive alone to Virginia to help Randall Cambridge. Seems he needs help with a scared, helpless Santorian female named Eve, the one whose mother I tried to kill a decade earlier."

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