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Alcheon; Origin of birth unknown.


  • Powers of future sight, although not as clear as a Santorian's gift.

  • Unconditional Wealth

  • Beauty, never age

  • Telekinesis

  • Whatever the person wanted in order for their soul

Because some Azoreans were fed up with the Blood Pact of their ancient ancestors, they would conjure a spell. A form of magical spirituality, in order to acquire various manual and powerful skills, such as wealth, telekinesis, beauty or sight. One may attend upon a demon either at midnight or just before dawn, and one will meet a "black man," whom some call the Devil, who will bestow upon one the desired skills. In the Vodou tradition, "Papa Legba" is the lwa of crossroads. They will sell their soul and no more be Azorean but a higher level, a Alcheon.

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