"I'm not a bitch. I'm just a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to kill for it."

Character Profile


Betsy(last name unknown)


Bad ones


Unknown since she was on her own since six




House servant


5' 4

Hair Color


Eye Color


Significant Other

Anyone with power or money

Worst Enemy


Fave Pastime

Sharpening the collection of knives she stole to use on Eve/plotting Eve's death

Mode of Transportation

stowing away on ships

Weapon of Choice

Anything that she can get her hands on

 " I had a poor upbringing, and had survived in the harshness of the city. Barely eating some days, picking pockets just to survive. I had no formal upbringing, so I can't read nor write. Sadly, I ends up working in the "oldest profession" known and despite consistent attempts at wanting to stop, I don't. One night after being beaten I left the work. I actually stow away on a ship bound for Virginia and there I again meets another horrible fate....Randall Cambridge. I stole from him and after his henchman find me and beat me,  he makes me his personal servant to pay off the debt. I moved to Cambridge Manor and it is there I see Eve, and my hatred for her is consumed by  jealous rage."