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"Forgiveness is a splendid thing, but vengeance is much sweeter."

Full Name

Haladaven Ivlisar Jorildyn




Elf/Dark Elf/Shapeshifter


Executioner of humans


5' 6 (True form)

Hair Color


Eye Color

Yellow(true form)

Significant Other

She loves nothing except her brother Miric

Worst Enemy


Fave Pastime

Torturing humans for fun

Mode of Transportation


Weapon of Choice

Shape shift


Character Profile

"I am a creature of extreme beauty, many who see me mistake me for an angel.  That is there mistake.  There is nothing angelic about the Ljósálfar(dark elf or shapeshifter) who can be lethal when crossed. Indeed, my people are legendary, as are our skills to mimic humans. Once we were friends to humans, however, because of our mother's violent death and our village,  I hold no soft spot for their kind or others. I am here to make humanity suffer a similar fate.

My brother, well, he has a profound sense of  his own justice. It isn't too bloody for me. He is not as powerful and capricious. I am not someone you want to cross lightly, for I forgive no slight and will not rest until I make sure that  humans get what’s coming to them.

No matter what."

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