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"I am ready for anything. My best friend needs me, so I will be strong. I am a doctor. I mean it's not like there are going to be pirates and bugs involved....right?"

Full Name

Matthew  Connor


Stiles Connor






5' 7

Hair Color

Sandy Brown(wavy)

Eye Color




Best Friend


Worst Enemy


Mode of Transportation

Horse and buggy, walking, or running

Weapon of Choice

None, he is a healer not a killer


Character Profile

"I love my father, but I get tired of his overprotective ways. He leaves me no choice by being very secretive about Eve's past. 

He thinks very low of her and doesn’t want  me to have anything to do with her. 

That is the problem.

There’s nothing I love more. Okay, there is another.

I am one of the few surgeons around , well versed in traditional and herbal cures. I am valuable to the survival of the group and any survivors. I don't know weapons or how to fight.

All I know is treatments and bandages.

I have spent my life protecting my best friend and will do so until I die.

I can handle anything.

Excepting annoying pirates.

Anything except that.

Oh, and I carry another secret  fear.  A secret that’s so unmanning, I dare not breathe a word of it to anyone least they laugh."

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