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Full Name

Zr y-jahl-imeh(Give up human you couldn't even pronounce it)






Trying to get her people to unite with the humans once again

Hair Color

White(because Roman cut her hair short to protect her as a child when she came into her powers it remained short always)

Eye Color

 Blue(The color of the dragon)


Small and lean

Best Friend


Worst Enemy



Every Wyvern in human form has a tattoo of their dragon form on their body. It moves every time they shift into human form.

"I wandered away from my family when I was only four years old. As a rule we dragons would enter the human realm for only a while, then slip back into ours. My parents couldn't find me and by then  humans  had found me and had taken me away. I was too young to remember who and what I was.

My powers would not be unlocked until I reached my teens. I was taken to an orphanage  where other humans lived in captivity under the harsh rule of the sisters. I would have not survived if not for a brave human boy named Roman. For me and the others he was brutally tortured and cruelly beaten.

He finally escaped, but not before I was rescued by my people. I went back to look for him but never found him. Now, back in my realm I am trying to find a way to make the dragons help the humans fight this war against the demons.

They want nothing to do with the world of man.

But I will not give up.

There was only one of their kind I ever found honorable and he was  taken from me.

I will find him.

I will repay him for saving me.

It was a vow I hoped I would keep and one I vowed to honor."

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